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Date/Time April 25th 5:00pm to April 26th at 5:00pm
Location The Heyo Office
Prize $1,000

The Topic

Create an innovative piece of software that will help businesses grow customer engagement and/or sales using gamification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?

Absolutely. There is no cost for you and/or your team.

Will there be food?

You know it! We'll have all the pizza, snacks, and drinks you'll need to power your 24 hour hacking session.

Who can attend?

While the hackathon is tailored to software developers, anyone is welcome to participate. In fact, teams with a diverse background may have an advantage with our topic.

How large can teams be?

From one member to 100, any team size is welcome. If you need a team, feel free to use the Facebook event page to find a team or join one the day of the hackathon.

Who owns the code?

You do. The source code is totally yours before, during, and after the hackathon.

What should I bring?

Just your laptop and any other gear you'll need to hack for 24 hours.

Do I have to stay the entire time?

Nope. While there will be free food and Heyo employees available for questions at our office, you're not required to stay the entire time. Need a break or work better alone? Feel free to come and go as needed. We just ask everyone to be around for the beginning and the end of the hackathon.

Is there a topic for the hackathon?

Yep, but it's a secret for now. We'll unveil the topic at an event at our office on April 24th, 24 hours before the official hackathon start time. The topic will also be posted to this site and the Facebook event for everyone to see.

Where's the hackathon?

The hackathon will be held in the Heyo office at 902 Prices Fork Rd, Suite 2100. Free parking is available in the parking garage next to University Mall. If you use the bridge connecting the second floor of the parking garage with the University Gateway Center, we're at the end of the hallway.